bodo. Experience Gifting Store

An Unusual Story of an Unusually Enjoyable Gifting Experience

Imagine a service that helps you dive into any unusual experience possible, from clay crafting to extreme driving, with all organizational matters taken care of for you. That’s what bodo, the biggest experience gifting website in Ukraine, is about.
bondiana vibe
fairytale aesthetic
Now imagine all these experiences can also serve as perfect gifts because, well, they are pretty unusual. Nice, huh? Again, just ask bodo.

We started our work by revitalizing its brand and gift range to help it keep up with the current times. The Resultunique tone of voice and positioning that pulls you out from life’s mundanity and brings you closer to the life of a movie hero (that means, overflown with experiences) in each campaign.

Say, When You Eject from a Plane with a Mariachi Band

or When These Experiences Are James Bond Tested, and He Knows a Thing or Two About Experiences

or When You Are a Working Woman with a Family, and Deserve to be Treated with Something Special to Recharge


Brand Leader — Valentin Paniuta
Copywriter — Anna Kashcheeva
Art Director — Maxim Nazarov
Project Manager — Alina Bozhniuk 
Strategist — Olexander Prykhodko
Designer — Roma Baranovsky


СEO — Vitaliy Drozd
Head of Communications and Content — Nastya Antonova
Chief Product Officer — Ksenia Grishkova


Director — Oleg Tomin
Director of Photography — Nikita Kuzmenko
1st AD — Alina Krasnyanska
EP — Vlad Bolyelov
Head of Bidding — Viola Filenko
LP — Katya Nefeld
Stylist — Dina Golubeva
Head of Art — Olena Emelyanova
MUA — Masha Sova
PA — Yevhenii Zdorovylo
PM — Anton Chernikov
Cast — Roma Zavertanii, Dasha Gordiash
CA — Max Shcherbanos
Gaffer — Mykola Bulavskiy
PB — Sasha Sofin
FP — Denis Dujnik
Post Production — Roma FX
Colourist —  Vika Dvornikova

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