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TBI Bank: Tough Luck for Traditional Banks

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Traditionally, banks in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece behave like kings, treating their clients with paperwork, queues, and a somewhat high-brow atmosphere. For tbi bank, this seems like an opportunity to stand out by presenting a comfortable and human banking experience. All in all, people just want peace and confidence for their money.

What was there for us?
We helped tbi bank stick out and communicate the human approach from push messages and IG-posts to branding and ad campaigns.

The Launch Campaign Let Potential Clients Feel the Coolness of Being with TBI Bank Whatever They Need:

Once people got accustomed to the advantages of tbi mobile banking, it was time to let them chill a bit.
Why not, if with tbi bank you can get a high rate deposit from the comfort of your sunbathing chair with a few taps on your smartphone?

We took a challenge to teach even the most traditional users in Europe to manage their deposits via phone instead of in a branch.
And it worked like a charm—literally, 100% success.*
*We Mean It:
100% increase in the number of arranged deposits.
90% of users made them specifically through the app on their phone.
And total success in the number of viewers who planned a vacation (:


Brand Leader — Valentyn Paniuta
Strategist — Sasha Kuziva
Copywriter — Anna Kashcheeva
Art Director — Maxim Nazarov
Designer — Roman Baranovsky
Project Manager — Alina Bozhniuk, Kostia Kotov


SVP Marketing — Karolina Sofronieva
Head of Product Strategy — Viktor Yankulov
Content Manager — Simona Dimitrova


Director — Roman Jirnih
Producer — Georgi Abrashev
Assistant Producer — Niya Buchukova
Director of Photography — Nenad Boroevich
UPM — Rosen Ignatov
1st AD — Denis Shvets
Production Designer — Alexey Velichko
Stylist — Anna Sabandjieva

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