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How We Filmed Matrix without Neo and Nobody Noticed

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Before We Proceed, You Need to Know Two Things.

First: MEGOGO is the biggest video-on-demand service in Eastern Europe. 
Second: They still need ads to convince people to choose MEGOGO instead of any other international streaming giant.
Ok, now we are all set.
When we see an image deeply rooted into popular consciousness, we immediately focus on it. That’s how brains work.

See this Gif Below? Check It.

Done? Good. Now Scroll Down.

Did you notice there was a 1999 Nobel Prize winner?

We bet you didn’t. 
Because your attention was focused on an image that has become a part of pop culture, a hero of memes and social consciousness Neo from The Matrix. That’s in our nature. So when we needed to remind the film devotees about the huge library of their favorite content on MEGOGO, we showed them just what they couldn’t miss.

Like Leeloo & Korben Dallas Desperately Rushing to Watch the Broadcasts of UEFA Champions League

and Little Mermaid who Finally Saved her Prince

Did we mention that the number of subscriptions reached X? 
Now you know 🧜

Making Of


Brand Leader — Valentin Paniuta
Strategist — Olexander Prykhodko
Copywriter — Anna Kashcheeva
Copywriter — Anna Lisovska
Art Director — Maxim Nazarov
Project Manager — Alina Bozhnyuk


CEO — Volodymyr Borovyk
Global Chief Marketing Officer — Valeria Tolochyna

Family Production

Director — Ignas Jonynas
DP — Lena  Chekhovsky
Executive Producer — Anastasiya Bukovska
Line Producer — Maxim Usik
Assistant Producer — Maria Not and Elizabeth Ananian
Director's Assistant — Mariko
Artist Director — Natalia Makhovska
Costume Designer — Dasha Filshina and Yulia Vlasova
Casting Director — Pavlo Makarchenko
Edinting — Victor Lisin
Sound Design — Aleksandr Pustarnakov
Colorist — Marina Tkachenko
Music — Vitaliy Rozinko
Post Production — TPH One

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