Rozetka. The #1 e-commerce in Ukraine

The Largest Online Retailer in the Country Turned into a Human-First Brand

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Rozetka is the biggest online retailer in the country—so big that it is often referred to as Ukrainian Amazon. From our first project, we set out to change that by introducing a trend of self-irony, light humor, and treating customers not like budget figures but like humans with their big and small hopes and dreams.

This Resulted in

4 years of collaboration
25+ campaigns
200+ commercials and special projects we feel really good about
And most importantly (yes, sometimes we use such clichés, because, well, they work), we created a human-first brand for the largest online retailer in Ukraine
Of course, we are fans of each campaign we've made. Yet, here are a few dearest to our hearts, which we rewatch every now and then when we go sentimental.

Here’s One for a Christmas Mood

One for the School Season

and One that is Simply Cool


Brand Leader — Valentin Paniuta
Chief Designer — Vitalic Parfilev
Strategist — Zhenya Gavrylychenko
CX & Product Strategist — Nastya Stratovych
Head of CX & Product — Maksym Iliukhyn
Copywriter — Anna Kashcheeva
Copywriter — Anna Lisovska
Art Director — Maxim Nazarov
Art Director — Iva Kucherenko
Art Director — Alona Zdorova
Art Director — Michael Zvegintsev
Project Manager — Anastasiia Melezhyk
Project Manager — Vlada Vasylieva
Chief Operating Officer — Anastasiya Filipenko
Motion Graphic Designer — Yura Khomovskyi
CGI & Animation — Andrii Gorlov
CGI & Animation — Oleh Baranovsky
Designer — Andrii Sokolov
Designer — Roma Baranovsky
Chief Designer — Leonid Tatarinov
Production Manager — Yura Shedenko
Strategist — Olexander Prykhodko


Co-founder, CEO —  Vladyslav Chechotkin
Marketing Director —  Eugene Obrazok
Brand Manager —  Andrey Kovalevskyi

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