mObywatel 2.0. Polish state in smartphone

Helping Polish State Talk Human

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mObywatel 2.0 is an application that substitutes passports, driver's licenses, certificates, tickets for public transport—in short, almost everything a modern citizen may need.

Since digital documents in Poland received the same legal status as plastic ones in 2023, having them all one click away has become truly relevant.
mObywatel used to have around 10 million users. A lot, but not enough for a country with a population of more than 37 million. The reason? Confusing authorization process. In mObywatel 2.0, this problem was eliminated due to FaceID login and a set of other features guaranteeing security and easiness.

Our challenge was to increase the number of users by telling about the new features and showing that using the app has become really easy and safe.
To make things work, we left behind the typical governmental tone of voice and showed the app's benefits in ordinary life situations and in a friendly way.
What we’ve got? In-app activity increased by 3 times after showing one of the videos during the halftime of a Euro 2024 qualifying match between Poland and Faroe Islands.
The only comment we’ve got from the Minister of Digitalization of Poland was:


Brand Leader — Valentyn Paniuta
Strategist — Sasha Kuziva
Art Director — Iva Kucherenko
Copywriter — Anna Kashcheeva
Project Manager — Kostia Kotov


Ministry of Administration and Digitization of Poland


Fabryka Komunikacji Społecznej
Shotting Support — Propeller Film
Director — Roman Jirnih

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